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September 29, 2009 by ecryan · No Comments · Uncategorized

The topic on how to make money within the realms of multi-media journalism seems to be a popular blog topic. On the home page of 5 out of 16 entries were written around this topic (when accessed on the 20/9/2009), which highlights for me the industries concern over its economic future. The question of future economics gives rise to the question of what a job in journalism may mean in the future? And if it was a job solely as a newspaper reporter you were seeking, the future looks bleak indeed. A post in the editor’s pick section, titled: Economics Unbound: the US Journalism job market – plotted, by Judith Townend says, ‘What we have is a wipeout in newspapers, plus what looks like a combination of secular and cyclical declines in other ‘journalistic’ industries’. This entry linked to was a discussion on how media companies can continue to make money by exploiting new technologies. Jeff’s rationale in regards to making money not from the content but rather indirectly from other products it creates, makes obvious sense. He talks about the music industry and making money not from the music itself but rather from concerts and t-shirt sales. Although media companies have always done this through advertising, they now need to get more creative and move in the direction music has.

The more I read, the more I come to realise that the death of the newspaper is imminent. But have hope (like I do) that there is a possibility it is being replaced by something better – multi-media journalism. And this new industry will create better, more diverse jobs.

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